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Forum » Contests » September » SpaceZero
KenzierooDate: Tuesday, 2012-09-18, 8:08 AM | Message # 1
From the Forest
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The feet of at lest three, maybe four people pound the slick wet pavement. Outlines, because the night was the blackest it could possible be. Running as fast as they can, to nowhere. They know it; they are trapped into a timeless and never ending space. You’re watching this on a wide screen built in the wall. Soon the screen fuzzes out into total blackness. That was the last footedge of the 'missings'.

The room you where in was simple, with a touch of mega science in the working. The north wall the one with the elevators to the room was white it have a few simples doors you knew you would not be going in. The rest was glass in fact most the building was glass, but you would being working in room -20 a.k.a the basement. In the room you stood in was a small yet complex computer and in the middle a huge couch and coffee table, you’d just call it the ‘lounge’.

Your manager one of them out of the five you had, the women. In her solemn black suit, her dark brown hair pulled back in a bun, outlining her pale face, and on her small green eyes a black pair of square rimmed glasses, began to speak.

“This is the test of a new machine; the name was not given to the public or to anyone really, in fact most of the people have no idea of the very tests running under their feet. I can tell you the name since you have volunteered to find the ‘missings’ in question. The name is simple it’s SpaceZero, simple but efficient,” her voice was strong yet calming at the same time. She had this power to get people to see everything how it is, how she sees it.” I’ll continue with the story of the ‘missings’, they were the first test subjects on SpaceZero when they found a horrible glitch in the system, a technological creature that created it’s self at the core of the system, SubBugs is there name. The ‘missings’ are still in SpaceZero, but removing them would mean there end, and if they get killed by the SubBugs there minds will disappear forever. We have asked for you to get to the core of the system delete the SubBugs and rescue the ‘missings’ are you ready for this?”

The last question was said weirdly, not serious it would be the voice you would use to ask a little kid if they wanted ice cream. The look in her face told her story, you have volunteer for a rescue mission, but you had no idea you’d be using you mind like this.

Decisions, decisions, so? What will you pick.
(… The red pill or the blue pill, lol. Had to say that.)

Age: (20 and up)
Reasons of volunteering?:

Age: (20 and up)
Reason for joining?:
Other: (Only 4)

(I will post my CS's later. I'm going to have one of each to make this easier.)

On The Edge Of Imagination And Logic
Forum » Contests » September » SpaceZero
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