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Main » 2012 » June » 17 » Weekly Update: Music and D&D
7:00 AM
Weekly Update: Music and D&D
Hello! I'm actually on time with the weekly update this week!... give or take a day. Anyways, lots happened this week, so let's get started.
General Updates: First of all, two new section have been added, the arts section, and the games section. The games section is basically if you wanted to make an RP in which people have stats and all that, so basically D&D. The arts section is just for discussing music and art. Though, if anyone wants to volunteer for moderator, that would be apprieciated, becasue I can already see many argum,ents happening, that could easily end in insults that we need someone to reproof. If noone sends me a PM by the end of the week, then I will do it myself.
Surprisingly, that is not all. There's also a new way for the like system to work. Rather than overloading people with awards as the old like system did, now it is a simple matter of telling someone you like the RP. Through a PM of course. Once you have 5 of these PMs, your RP will become stickied, and will always be at the top. Also, it will be added to the currently empty featured RPs list.
Poll: According to the poll, the most popular genre of bok is Fantasy(no surprise there).
Contests: I forgot to mention this ,but the June contest has started, yet no one has joined. So... Yeah.
As always, if anyone could tell me of sites to post advertising RPs on, that would be very helpful, but besides that, that's all for the weekly update, bye!
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin
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1 lukas2231  
I told ya, I could advertise the site on my DA profile.

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2 Zyphon  
Well, then do it. smile

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3 lukas2231  
Okay. Eventually I will, when I'll get a chance.

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4 lukas2231  
Oh and by the way, what should I tell about this site besides that we're RPing here?

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5 Zyphon  
I'm... Not sure...

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6 lukas2231  

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