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Main » 2012 » May » 12 » Weekly Update: The April Contest is over!... In May.
8:24 AM
Weekly Update: The April Contest is over!... In May.
Right, so i'm going to be doing the orginazing thing now, so let's see how it works out...
RPs: No one has sent me any news on new RPs. Sooo... Yeah. 

Suggestions: Empty. not really any surprise there.
Mega RPs: Nope. Not even Chuck Testa.

Polls: Ah, here we go! Some actually news! anyways, according to the poll, the funniest person on the site is... *activatedrumroll*Demon! Congratulations and all that good stuff... anyways, moving on. 

Stories: No new news here, keep looking.

Reviews: Brak.

Summaries: Brak.... Ponownie.

Featured RPs/stories: Still none.
Conest: Yes! News! Anyways, this is about the April Contest being over. Only two people joined, and as far as I can tell, only one was a hybrid RP or story as required, so congratulations Spark! You've won the contest! I'll give you an award and what not as soon as the new poll is put up. also, it would appear as if no May Contest? anyways, that's it for contests.
So... I guess the only news was the poll... Anyways, if anyone wants to have a new RP of theirs or something in the weekly update, again just PM me, and I'll put it in. Anyways, bye!
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin.
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6 lukas2231  
Where the hell is 13?!?!?!

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7 Zyphon  
I only went 1-10.

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3 Jigajig  
I wasn't even in the poll ._.

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4 Zyphon  
Yay... I didn't really include many of the people who have newly joined or who haven't been active in a while, sorry about that. The poll only allows for 15 and there are almost 60 people on the site.

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1 Demon  

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2 Equinox  
If I had voted for myself instead of you like I expected us all to do, I would have won though.

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5 Demon  

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