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We haven't had one in a long time, and there might be a few suggestions out there. So I thought it'd be good to throw another meeting in here. If you don't like the times, just tell me and I can change them so they work for everyone going. Is the 25th good for everyone?
Eastern- 7:00 pm
Central- 6:00 pm
Pacific- 5:00 pm
Views: 357 | Added by: Demon | Date: 2012-07-19 | Comments (13)

This is why we don't have numbers for the weekly updates anymore... I'm too lazy to find out what the last one was if it's been a long time. Anyways, onto the actual update(keep in mind, there will be a gap with this one as well, I'll be on vacation).
General updates: A while ago, in the monthely meetings, it was decided that we would do Advertising RPs. That didn't work... At all. But, if you have any idea where we could post one of these advertising RPs and try again, that owuld be helpful.
Game: The game section has been renamed to the RPG section. So, any RP with stats or something like that, would go there as an RPG.
Poll: The new winner of the poll from... a while ago, is "The yogscast! :D".
Mega-RPs: There will be a new Mega-RP soon, just a warning.
Contest: So far, there has been no contest for June, if anyone would liek the spot ... Read more »
Views: 335 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-07-12 | Comments (0)

Yes, it is my birthday today! However, that means more than it usually does, due to the fact that I will be able to completely return to RPF! Therefore, I will begin roleplaying again, being more active than I ever have! But, because it is my birthday, I will likely not be online very much today. After all, I have to celebrate with my family, don't I?
Views: 394 | Added by: Striker | Date: 2012-07-09 | Comments (13)

Alright... I have a very serious infection. I will never be able to get rid of it. No, it won't kill me. But it can send me into waves of depression, or random excitement.
There is only one cure.
Click on this link, it is all I need.
By the way, the name of the infection is One Direction Infection.
Have a nice day :)
(Lmao to those who thought I was really serious... XD But please click the link!!!)
Views: 433 | Added by: Demon | Date: 2012-06-28 | Comments (16)

Hello. This is not a weekly update(for one I was late ofr the last few days), but also becasue it's too small to be a wekkly update. so basically, ALL I will do in these is announce the poll winner or any reviews. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of these until peopel become more active.
So this week, just the poll. The winner was "I hate Bees... And I hate you >:(
Views: 336 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-06-27 | Comments (0)

Hello! I'm actually on time with the weekly update this week!... give or take a day. Anyways, lots happened this week, so let's get started.
General Updates: First of all, two new section have been added, the arts section, and the games section. The games section is basically if you wanted to make an RP in which people have stats and all that, so basically D&D. The arts section is just for discussing music and art. Though, if anyone wants to volunteer for moderator, that would be apprieciated, becasue I can already see many argum,ents happening, that could easily end in insults that we need someone to reproof. If noone sends me a PM by the end of the week, then I will do it myself.
Surprisingly, that is not all. There's also a new way for the like system to work. Rather than overloading people with awards as the old like system did, now it is a simple matter of telling someone you like the RP. Through a PM of course. On ... Read more »
Views: 335 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-06-17 | Comments (6)

Hello! sorry for the bit of delay, but I literally could not get on the site for about a week, so not much point in doing a weekly update if I wasn't there that week. Anyways, here's the weekly update.
General Update: I'm still looking for places to actually post the Advertising Roleplays on, so I'd apprecaite it if anyone could help.
Roleplays: There's a new fantasy roelplay, but I haven't really seen it, so I can't tell you much except it exists.
Suggestions: There are stil labout three suggestions in the suggestion section of the forums that haven't been approved fully. So... Yeah.
Mega-Rps: I've cleaned away most of my Mega-RPs so to say, so now it will only be Equinox's and Striker's, but hopefully you'll be able to see a much better planned out version of a really old RP I hope to re-make.
Poll: The winenr of last week's poll was ot ... Read more »
Views: 374 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-06-12 | Comments (2)

Hello, once again I shal intrude on this wonderful home page to give you news about the site! Yay!
General Updates: Well, first off, still nothing much getting done about advertising RPs, the reason why? We've got nowehere to advertise. So if you know a site that had expirienced roleplayers that we could post an Advertising RP on, then please PM Me or Irulez.
RPs: Well, we've actualy got news for this section for once. First off, there are two new RPs in the Horror section if you feel like wetting yourself. Also, a very old RP in the game-themed section has been revived. Huzzah! 

Suggestions: Things to say here too. It would appear as if some of the suggestions I made in the suggestion section are being ignored... So if you want to go over there, then please do. 

Mega RPs:Not much here, just saying that soon you may expect a new Mega-RP(And one made fairly recently to be delete ... Read more »
Views: 386 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-06-02 | Comments (4)

Hello there once more, some news to report, but not much. I've actually put this off to the last second and i'm kind of rushing it so... Yeah, not going to be the best weekly update. Just warning you.
General Updates: Since the May Gathering, it's been decided to do advertising RPs, I'm not going to talk about it much here, but look at the last Site Update Post I did to see more on it if you want.
Polls: The winner of this weeks poll was "Pigs=Bacon". Thank you for stating the obvious whoever voted that.
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin
Views: 341 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-05-26 | Comments (11)

This has to do mainly with an update about the site, so I'll not wait until the end of the week to simply put it in a weekly update. Anyways, during the monthly meeting, I came up with an idea of taking RPs form this site and reposting them on other sites, in hopes that RPers from those sites will at least take a look at our site, this is for the goal of hopefully stirring some of the members here into activity. So, Irulez and I composed a list of RPs that we think should be used
1. Darkest of Nights, and Brightest of Days -Equinox
2. /~☼~\Darkest Before the Dawn/~☼~\ -Me
3. /~☼~\Vampire Chronicles/~☼~\ -Me
4. Vampires and Werewolves -Spark
5. St.Agnus Elementary Ch.1 -Spark
6. /~☼~\The True Face of War, Chapter 1: Blood Hunters/~☼~\ -Me
7. -~Livlions Secret~- -Supernerd
8. \The Runaways/ -DepressedDuck
9. (_/Legends Alive\_) -Striker
10. ¢ Anthrozil ¢ -Striker
... Read more »
Views: 349 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-05-22 | Comments (7)

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