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Forum » Standard Roleplays » Horror Roleplays » Resident Evil: Code Red (The horror continues)
Resident Evil: Code Red
JigajigDate: Tuesday, 2012-10-02, 2:46 PM | Message # 1
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The story of Raccoon City remains fresh in everyones mind. It exists as a reminder of the worst things man can create. 14 years ago the Mid-Western town was hit with a virus capable of turning the healthiest of people into walking corpses, hellbent in their search for fresh meat.The Government came to the conclusion that nothing could be saved and decided to bomb the biohazard zone in hopes of eradicating the virus. Raccoon city remained only partially destroyed with the infection spreading faster than before, leaving city limits and extending beyond the state. Deeming the handling of such a virus too dangerous, a quarantine was placed around the infection zone covering the state and many neighboring states. The 40 foot wall keeps thrill seekers out, and the infected residents in.
In 2003, Umbrella's fall brought about a surprising turn of events. With the company's assets ending up in the hands of third party and black market dealers, bioterrorism became the largest threat for the United States and outerlying countries. In response, the B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) was formed setting up branches on every continent to combat B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) and protect the human race.

Hoping to curb the threat of bioterrorism, the President of the United States announced a press release revealing full details of the Raccoon City disaster. In 2008 a venue opened for the speaking; unfortunately before any information was put forwards the venue was subject to a bioterrorist attack. With the U.S. President infected the Raccoon City report was left unopened, and a state of panic lead people to believe all hope was lost. Bioterrorism continued to rise.

2009. The West Africa branch of Tricell is pinned for aiding terrorist activities in the African settlement of Kijuju. The branch owner was discovered by B.S.A.A. operatives to having a hand in the deal. She was killed during the incident and Tricell fell under fire of company misconduct. The West Africa branch was excluded from the company, disassembled and having its assets split between its other two parent branches.

2012. A coordinated attack by an unknown faction has lead the world into a global outbreak with capital cities reporting infections and riots rampant through their streets. While the BSAA frantically dispatches agents into the field, Tricell renders assistance to help fight the outbreak hoping to amend the damage caused in the Kijuju incident.

Little is known that a small detatchment to Tricell is working rogue, continuing research on bio-organic warfare. Building on the foundation Umbrella had created.

Now the world is in ruins. Can it come back from a worldwide outbreak? Only time will tell. This is your story. This RP takes place in New York currently. The city is is under attack from the undead horde and everything is in chaos.


Weapon of choice(you only get one until we come across more in the rp)
Background:(Not needed)
Forum » Standard Roleplays » Horror Roleplays » Resident Evil: Code Red (The horror continues)
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