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Forum » Contests » September » This is our turf (2011-2012 Contest Entry)
This is our turf
JigajigDate: Tuesday, 2012-09-18, 4:30 AM | Message # 1
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War.. war never changes, and neither do we. War is an unstoppable force that threatens to drag down all that stands in it's path. War like a spark can ignite in an instant.. 2015, a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, both now nuclear-armed states, has devastated the global oil supply, causing prices to skyrocket. This of course precipitates extreme economic turmoil and massive social unrest in the U.S and over Europe. In 2017, the U.S. military recalls much of its overseas presence, particularly in the Pacific back home as tentions have risen greatly between the U.S and Al-Kahida.
A year later, Japan is conquered by Korea under the threat of full-scale war. In 2025, conditions in the U.S. worsen with the collapse of the financial system and a bird flu epidemic that claims millions of lives. In 2024, Korea continues its expansion by annexing most of Southeast Asia, including its emerging economic powers. By 2030 the U.S is struggling and then Korea fire a Thermo Nuclear Missle over the U.S which that wipes out much of the nation's electrical infrastructure.

Al-Kahida sees this as a perfect time to attack so they do. They launch an amphibious invasion that seizes control of much of the U.S. Pacific Coast. At the same time Korea launch an aerial invasion. Britain comes to the U.S aid sending over a large scale task force made up of not only the army but different special forces as well.

Europe has become a battleground as other countries come to aid the U.S along with afew countires aiding Korea such as Iran. And just like that war has started...

Added (2012-09-18, 4:30 AM)
"This is Delta Two One Niner we are under fire I reapet we are taking heavy fire! Request evac ASAP, location is 248, 657 over"

"This is Overlord roger that were bringing in the heavy guns be advised Danger Close over ETA Five minutes hold out untill we get there"

"Delta team fall back to cover Danger close I reapet Danger Close!" I picked up my rifle and ran with the others glancing back as the onslaught of Korean troops pushed further towards out location. "INCOMING!" I saw a shell flying towards us. "Get down!" I grabbed the person next to me by his arm and dragged him down as the shell slammed into the ground ten feet to the left of us the explosion running through our bodies. I got up a ringing in my ears as gun fire slammed into the ground around us the bullets ricocheting off burnt out cars. "Come on!" Someone grabbed me and ran then dragged me behind one of the cars. I looked to see who it was. Commander Johnson "Well were in some deep shit here ain't we." I laughed nodding. "We sure are!" Three pings and bullets slammed into the car. "Well what do we do?" I asked him tossing a grenade over the car and hearing screams as it blew some to pieces. "Hold this location and give the fucking bastards hell!" He leaned around the side of the car firing off afew shots from his M16 carbine rifle. I did the same but laid down heavy fire seeing as I had M60. The rest of the team were laying down their own hell at the incoming forces. "Were the hell is Overlord?"

Forum » Contests » September » This is our turf (2011-2012 Contest Entry)
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