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Main » 2012 » January » 27 » I HAZZZ BLOOOGGGGG!!!
5:38 PM
Yay for me. I'll think of something to put in here... Sometime... Possibly...
I know! I'll talk about a roleplay that I'm making! Weather you want to read it or not.
Now, you remember that collaboration I made a while back? The group wars one? Yeah, I've taken up that project again, and I want to make it my best roleplay yet. I've gotten quite a bit done, such as a world for it to take place in, a story, and a map, but I still need ideas. Maybe I can find a way to make it into a Mega RP. Maybe. But I need help with it. So, post your ideas for it on this post's comment section! You can still find the original collab in the Collaborations section, so go check it out if you like.
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HA! I didn't read it.

"Weather" has a much different meaning than "Whether".

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