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Main » 2012 » March » 26 » Hunger Games
8:08 PM
Hunger Games
Who has or is going to see the Hunger Games?
I get bragging rights, because I read the books before they where popular! smile

For people who are questions on weather or not to go, I'll say unlike most movies that are based on books, this movie is good. Although they did miss a few things, that is to expected.
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22 Supernerd  
Also Artemis Fowl?...Really!? AWESOME! I've read practically all the books for that, it was my favourite books in grade 6 and 7...

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21 Supernerd  
I've read all the books, And Its true, Evie does have the mocking jay pin...she wore it to the movie the first night xD (Im back)

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17 Zyphon  
I've heard some bad things and osme good thing about the Hunger Games... But mostly bad things. However, Artemis Fowl AND Airman are obth being turning into movies soon, so I've got that to look forwards to. I love both those books. :3

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20 Striker  
I remember Artemis Fowl! biggrin

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16 Striker  
Why don't any books that I read get turned into movies?

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19 Demon  

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15 Evie  
I read all the books twice
I have the mockingjay pin
and a wristband
and a poster XD

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10 Zyphon  
I didn't like it that mcuh... ._.

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12 Demon  


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13 Equinox  
I didn't either. They ruined my favorite part of the movie.

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14 Demon  
Which part?

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18 Equinox  
The part where Thresh bashes a hole in clover's skull with a large rock.

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9 Demon  
Seen it twice, read it when it first came out, read the entire series 5 times over.
End of story.

"Cool story bro"

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3 lukas2231  
Only seen a parody called The Hungry Games.

I can give the link for it if anybody wants it.

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6 Kenzieroo  
Sure why not.

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7 lukas2231  

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11 Kenzieroo  
I've seem it, it's not that good. I saw two better.

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1 Equinox  
I read the first one the day it came out.

Deal with it.

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2 Kenzieroo  
biggrin Good for you biggrin

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4 Equinox  
No bragging rights for you, then.

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5 Kenzieroo  
Ha, but you don't know when I read it.

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8 Equinox  
Nor do I care.

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