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Main » 2011 » November » 6 » I expect everyone to tolerate and be helpful to our new members.
12:21 PM
I expect everyone to tolerate and be helpful to our new members.
Anyone caught being mean, threatening, or demeaning to any new members will be given a warning, no matter your position. If you continue, you WILL be IP banned for three days. And my fellow admins, even if you try to ban me for banning you, trust me, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

~Equinox, Admin, Technical Support, and Roleplay Reviewer of Roleplay Forever~
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10 Supernerd  
But u invited noobs...wait, you invited me XD (pun intended, no offense to others)

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9 Zyphon  
Not me, I wasn't really a noob when I joined this site anyways.

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7 Spark  
I don't get why you have to talk about this. When I joined, everyone was nice to me! hands heart

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8 Equinox  
I'm just getting this out there Spark. It needed to be clarified to anyone who might feel like being a pain in the Arse. We don't need people trying to get new people to leave because of previous arguments or mishaps.

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6 lukas2231  
I'm always friendly to newbies, exept if they starts a fight themselves

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5 Demon  
Hmm... Zyphon?
I know it wouldnt be Duck...

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3 Demon  
Hn. I dont think that was me... I have a bad memory

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4 Equinox  
It wasn't.

He doesn't come around often now, I'll say that. He was a bit of a newbie at the time himself.

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1 Demon  
Even I dont do that...
And THATS saying something.

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2 Equinox  
I'm not going to list names, but SOMEONE did that a long time ago to one of our ex-newbies.

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