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Friday, 2017-03-24, 10:02 AM
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7:58 PM
Inactive site...
Well, you should already know what this is about. Hence the title 'inactive site'.
Only afew people are coming on nowadays...
I really dont want this site to die... I can list active and inactive members, but, you know, thats annoying... But there is one member in particulaur whom I think should be the MOST active...
Striker. Really, not trying to be mean and all, but...
Get your act together. (XD)
If you own a site, atleast keep it alive....
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Isn't that only needed for removing stuff?

Also I'm on multiple times a day too demon. And trust me, I can get a ton of people to possibly join with the click of a button. I just don't want to push it, until I'm sure about it.

Also striker, no matter who is the owner, there's a secret pass set inside the control panel. Several of my planned easy changes aren't possible because of it. It's something about a last name.

I don't care who the owner is. Either demon can be, or I can be, it doesn't matter. I know how to work the admin panel, but I can do that as my current position too. Also, I've got a bit of a announcement to make, and I imagine it will change everyone's view of me. Honestly, I'll be very happy if I let it out to everyone.

Ahh, Im bored :3

I've already been through my "is uninterested in Roleplaying phase" so, yeah XD

I'll try to start going on again, but I've been busy lately.

I think Demon should be

Aw, Hell no!
Im actually online almost every day >_>

To be honest, I want to be the owner, BUT I think that the PROPER owner should be Equinox.


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