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Main » 2012 » May » 23 » Not so Weekly Update: Advertising Roleplays?
6:33 PM
Not so Weekly Update: Advertising Roleplays?
This has to do mainly with an update about the site, so I'll not wait until the end of the week to simply put it in a weekly update. Anyways, during the monthly meeting, I came up with an idea of taking RPs form this site and reposting them on other sites, in hopes that RPers from those sites will at least take a look at our site, this is for the goal of hopefully stirring some of the members here into activity. So, Irulez and I composed a list of RPs that we think should be used
1. Darkest of Nights, and Brightest of Days -Equinox
2. /~☼~\Darkest Before the Dawn/~☼~\ -Me
3. /~☼~\Vampire Chronicles/~☼~\ -Me
4. Vampires and Werewolves -Spark
5. St.Agnus Elementary Ch.1 -Spark
6. /~☼~\The True Face of War, Chapter 1: Blood Hunters/~☼~\ -Me
7. -~Livlions Secret~- -Supernerd
8. \The Runaways/ -DepressedDuck
9. (_/Legends Alive\_) -Striker
10. ¢ Anthrozil ¢ -Striker
And a list of sites to "Advertise" on:
1. RPnation
So... Yeah, not much of a list. Anyways, I guess this is here for... Things... Bye!
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin.
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Well it still wasnt my style of roleplay.

the reason why i didnt join equi was cause it was 'complicated' and not my style of roleplay, also, what about my Changers Roleplay? That one went well.

it wasn't complicated, it was 90% unneeded story.

I could put up the link in my DA profile.

Pretty good so far.

Sigh, no one likes my week-worth of work. God damn, I really should stop trying.

Well, I joined >.<

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