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Main » 2011 » November » 16 » The New Owner...S.
12:50 PM
The New Owner...S.
I have finally come to my decision of whom will own the site due to my inactivity. First, I apologize for not posting this sooner. I had come up with this idea about a week ago, but I was on vacation. I intended to post it during this time, but the place's internet connection had some kind of firewall that blocked RPF. Go figure.
Anyways, the new owners of Roleplay Forever are to be Demon and Equinox. This will be a (hopefully) cooperative ownership of RPF.
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16 Demon  
Also, Yes, we know you're special

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15 Supernerd  
Hhhmm...ur in camp half-blood, ssssooo why dont you say that I will spill blood on the battlefield with you, and protect from tight-asses like Me. (JK...about the camp half blood part :3)
Answer: I can't hear you over my EDIT BUTTON.

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14 Demon  
Equinox stole all my wise words T_T

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13 Supernerd  
Remember, Striker picked me himself for making me Special :3 There are not many Special ppl in the world! And I'm special cause I can spelllllllll Antidisestablishmentarianism!!!!! NERD RAGE! O:<

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12 Equinox  

You are special for a reason.

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11 lukas2231  
Yay biggrin now I can hide in some dark corner

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10 Supernerd  
What about 'Specials' Equi?( -•-)

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9 Jinx  
Hey gratzi Equi and Demon! Good luck you guys!

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8 Equinox  
You have my sword and gun striker, man, you name it, I'll do my best to do it. You'll still be as respected as ever in my view, so don't worry about any respect troubles. Admin brothers and sisters, forever man.

Let's bring some heart to this place. ~Equinox~

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7 Demon  
I know, I said 'We'll miss you as our old leader'
Not 'Goodbye'
Did anyone check my news post?!

1-10 11-16
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