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Main » 2012 » February » 5 » Weekly update #4
5:26 PM
Weekly update #4
Hello there once again lovely people of RPF! It's time for the fourth weekly update now.
Next Friday, the tenth, will be the feburary weekly update! Look at th new post below this for the times and to post if you'll be able to come or not.
As well, all the updates to the blog are finished, or at least I hope they are. And speaking of the blog, I've posted a new blog post in the suggestions category, should Stories be allowed to be featured?
And it seems that the winner for this week's poll, "What do you Think of Cows?", is "GIMME STEAK NOW!". The next poll should go up right after this.
So, I believe that's it fo-
Oh, and before I forget, the Winner of the Januaray contest is Kenzieroo! The second place winner being me, and the thrid being Lukas.
And that is really it. :)
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin
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Total comments: 20
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20 Zyphon  
I voted Flying Penguins. :3

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18 lukas2231  
Guess I'm the only one who voted on meowls...

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10 Kenzieroo  
Believe it or not, I didn't vote Kenzieroo on the poll

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13 lukas2231  
What did you vote then?

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14 Kenzieroo  
Um... Maybe... Possible... 4!?!

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9 Striker  
You forgot someone in your poll.. dont

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11 Zyphon  

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12 lukas2231  
Striker (DUH!)

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15 Zyphon  
I think 15 was the max answers...

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19 Striker  
Then remove Flying Penguins!

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8 Supernerd  
You gotta respect the retarded guys for making videos just to give us an excuse not to watch certain the muffin with a cigarette, with a dude dressed like a grandma.

0 Spam
7 Zyphon  

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16 Kenzieroo  
biggrin SMILES biggrin

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3 Demon  

I remember watching this when I was little..

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4 lukas2231  

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5 Demon  

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6 lukas2231  
I wasted 10 seconds of my life watching this....

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17 Kenzieroo  
Fire muffin and Newspaper muffin are the same, but the newspaper is on fire for the Fire muffin biggrin

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2 Zyphon  
I know...

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1 lukas2231  
Boring week... :/

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