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Main » 2012 » February » 10 » Weekly Update #5
9:50 PM
Weekly Update #5
Hello there once more, and now to recap what's happened this week!
First of all, the meeting is tommorow! so that's exciting.
As for the weekly poll, it owuld look like the winner is "Um... Maybe... Possibly... 4?!?" The new poll will go up in a couple of seconds once I'm done posting this.
And, we haven't had many new reviews or summaries, but this week I did a review on "Dracober King of Coasthaven". So go check that out if you want. I also posted a suggestion in the blog, but osmeone really commented on it, so if Equinox or Demon approve it, that will be added in soon. You can go check out the blog if you want to see it.
Also, it owuld now appear as there are new forum oderators, as Demon is now the Moderator for the Fantasy Rps Section, and I'm the new Moderator for the Horror RPs Section.
And Striker has started the Feburary Contest "Booked". Whoever writes to best short story with at least 2500 characters wins! So go check that out if your interested.
So I guess that's it for this weekly update, see you next time.
~~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin
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There is a LARGE chance I wont be at the meeting, but if I'm lucky, after we spend half the fucking day shopping and shit, I might be able to hop on and stick around a wee bit.

I won't give an answer to the pool because I can't decide between 3 games. And I might be in the meeting, unless I won't want to.

for means of curiosity, which three?

They're Minecraft, LoZ and Assassin's Creed.

I don't know what LoZ is but I like the other two.
Hey why wasn't there an Other option?

LoZ = Legend of Zelda. And if there was "Other" I'd click it because Dissidia is the best game evah! :3

Then I'll change it to make Happy Wheels "Other".

since when was 2500 fucking letters short...

"First of all, the meeting is tommorow! so that's exciting."
Um no.

S'cuse me? I made them, and I take my time away during my full schedules to plan them all out, and see who's coming or not, then track down those who haven't said if they are or aren't coming. So... I wouldn't be talking like that if I were you.

I didn't say they wheren't hard to pla, but I'm saying they arn't fun as far as I saw about 90% of it was spam. Not saying that all of the ideas where bad....

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