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54. Jessica Chick [HorseLover]   (2012-08-18 3:29 PM)

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53. Aurora NoneOfYourBuisness [Demon]   (2012-03-18 8:20 PM)
My name isn't even Aurora

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52. Lukas Nah [lukas2231]   (2011-12-21 1:26 PM)
Same with my last name. I do same last name everywhere X3

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51. Aurora NoneOfYourBuisness [Demon]   (2011-12-18 8:39 AM)
LOL My name isn't even right.

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50. Lukas Nah [lukas2231]   (2011-11-21 11:25 AM)

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49. Aurora NoneOfYourBuisness [Demon]   (2011-11-16 9:13 PM)
Me llamo Ama

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48. Crhiss LeNo [Spark]   (2011-09-03 10:26 AM)

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47. [Striker]   (2011-08-23 8:19 PM)
Siggys FTW.

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46. Slayzo Maka [Equinox]   (2011-08-17 12:31 PM)

Well I don't go on RP on roblox anymore, so, OK whatever.

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45. Lukas Nah [lukas2231]   (2011-08-17 10:49 AM) E-mail
Same as here, it's my signature username

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44. Slayzo Maka [Equinox]   (2011-08-17 10:26 AM)
Username on roblox?

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43. Lukas Nah [lukas2231]   (2011-08-17 10:26 AM) E-mail
You won't get the essay, but Bella invited me, I'm from roblox and even Mew can say that it's true

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42. Aurora NoneOfYourBuisness [Demon]   (2011-08-17 9:48 AM)
Sis stole mah laptop for a sec there. Hey Ice, dont worry <3 I dont hate you! Its just that im addicted to RP'in :3
Welcome! I'll let you on sometimes :3

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41. IceFox [IceFox]   (2011-08-17 9:44 AM)
Hey, whatsup. I found this site and wanted to join <3
I wasnt invited, because I dont have a ROBLOX account. I've pretty much read everything on the site, soooo I pretty much know everything. Thats partly because I'm Demons sister. She probablly told you guys that she only has 2 brothers. >_> She hates me, I guess. Also, I wont be on often, because im usin Demons laptop.
Answer: Actually I haven't heard a thing about her family. Although the laptop thing might explain why you're never on. She's on quite often. Well, Welcome to the site madam!~Equinox, Official tech support/admin

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40. Slayzo Maka [Equinox]   (2011-08-17 9:41 AM)
Well I needed that paper with 1000 words on it so the ink and paper soak up the blood on the floor from Bella. By the way Demon, the body is out by the dumpster on the curve of highway B and Highway A On the Cherry Valley Road.
Answer: Very good.

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