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Roleplay Forever
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Early on, Dustin and an apprentice wizard named Tkolsi lost a tournament battle against Slayzo and Rowan, because of Tkolsi's obvious weakness. Dustin was severely wounded. Dustin and Rowan were quickly thereafter nabbed and knocked unconsious by cloaked and hooded people, the identities of whom are yet to be discovered. Slayzo, however, not only defeated, but violently killed his would-be capturer. As Slayzo decided to go and look for Dustin and Rowan, they awoke bound in ropes, in a room to dark to see anything. They escaped, thanks to Rowan. Slayzo was pulled into a trap, being pulled underground by some magical force. Slayzo soon found himself underground, in a room similar, if not identical, to the one that Rowan and Dustin were trapped in. Dustin and Slayzo both found cracks in a wall, and as Dustin was inspecting it, Slayzo just blasted it, sending Dustin to the ground. After Slayzo entered the room that Rowan and Dustin were in, the wall reformed itself. Then, after the floor caved in beneath their feet, they found themselves in a never-ending pit. They managed to stop their fall without killing themselves, and found a secret tunnel. After going down the dark tunnel for a time, they stumbled upon a large creature, seemingly made out of the earth itself. They defeated it, and moved on. Shortly after, they stubled upon a deadly wraith...

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