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Notes: This is an RP made by Zombo that at the moment I've made this has 70 pages(Has to be over 50 to be made into summary). I'm not sure I really understood to story in some parts, so I'll just warn you when I get to that point. I may have missed some important things as well. Anyways, onto the review!
In the world of Super Humans, some people are born with powers, however, if someone has powers, they are to be sent to a special facility. There, scientists give them pills that ethier nutrilize the powers, or enhance them. The RP starts with everyone being locked in their rooms. Chloe(Zombo) calls one of the scientists with a phone in the room and he tells her it is a test of their powers. Everyone gets out using their powers on way or another, then go down for breakfast, however, Caine(Spark) freaks out for some reason I didn't quite catch and turns into a golem(her power). Scientist come, thinking she may need to go to the other facility for those with uncontrolable powers. Fortunatly, she is calmed down. Soon after that incident, Brisk(I think, maybe Cloe?) finds a trap door. Brisk knocks out the camera and everyone goes down the trap door. Soon enoguh they come to a door, behind it is a room full of dead people, those that the scientists killed. After finding the room, Chloe(I believe) uses her powers to find out that the scientists are going after them. After going down the tunnel some more they find a secret library and some notes explaining some of the Super humans are TOO powerful and need to be killed. Soon, soldiers come after them, Chloe uses her powers to make the soldiers help them escape, but she passes out from exhaustion. With the soldiers help, they find the way out, but more soldiers have caught up with them, Nightingale turns into a shadow to hold them back whilst the others escape. Once the others are far enoguh away, Nightingale catches up with them and tell them of a hide out that she knows. However, a Super Humans named Kally working for the scientists is following them. It is revealed that all of the scientists have powers. Soon, Kally stops following them in secret and disguises herself as another runaway. Night knows imediatly that she is lying, but everyone else is not sure who to believe. The other decide to believe Kally and Night disapeears as a shadow. Meanwhile, Kally turns on a secret tracker so that the scientists can find her again. Then Dean appears, triping them with roots for some reason, but the other who somehow now have weapons force him to come out. Dean talks to them, and I suppose join them. Thanks to Kally's tracker, the scientists find them, Chloe tries to use her powers to stop the scientists, but Kally puts a knife to her throat so that Chloe is not able to do anything. The Doctor, I guess the leader of the scientists, finds them. He handcuffs Kally and she is electricuted, again, i'm not sure I really understood this part. The doctor then turns into his "Cursed Form" and fights them. After a long fight, Kally explains that the pills originally were meant to lessen the affects of powers, but instead made them uncontroallable. The others don't believe her however.
Just a warning her, for the next few parts, I got really confused with the story. So... Yeah.
The docotrs morphes back into a humans and decides to let them go. Then the story goes over to Shaco, a crazed test subject with horrifying powers who escapes fomr the facility, or more acuratley, murders everyone and then stays inside. Kally then gives the order to send more soldiers after Shaco, who he promptly kills. I got REALLY confused at this part, but apparently the other besides chloe went back to the facility? Anyways, they see what Shaco did and decide to go after him. Then Chloe talks to Kally(??????) and Kally convinces Chloe to go after Shaco(??????????).
(...I was so confused at this part...)
Cat(Kenzieroo) decides to follow them inside the facility. Then Shaco springs a trap. Everyone but Brisk is traped, and Brisk is made to fight Shaco's clone. If she can't kill him in two mintutes, then gas will fill the chamber where everyone else is trapped. Chloe finds where everyone should be, but sees a wall. She tries to break it down as Brisk fights Shaco's clone. Chloe manages to break the weall down and the trap is disabled. Shaco then fills part of the building with highly falamble gas and throws a grenade into it. Everyone escapes but Chloe, who's leg in badly injured. But the Ken(Equinox) finds Chloe and helps her. The other go back to look for Chloe and find her and Ken. Dean then goes to look for medical supplies to help chloe, he finds them and stops Chloe's leg from bleeding. After that, they all go to a Cafe and get some coffe as Dean steals a credits card.
(Tjhis story is hard to follow...)
Shaco reports to his master, who is less than pleased that he failed to kill them. Hwe then goes to a pawn store and gets.. Something. Back to the others, They go to the hotel to get a room, but it would appear as if the hotel guy is on of the scientists. They knock him out, and hack into the ocmputer to change his orders. They then simply take the room. The next day, it woudl apepar as if Chloe's leg had gotten an infection, Dean goes out to get medicine, but is attacked by a girl who works for the scientists. Dean knocks her out and goes to get the medcine for Chloe, as Chloe ties the girl up. Dean gets the medcine for Chloe and gives it to her. The girl wakes up and they ifnd out here name is Twila, and that she was sent by the Doctor. Chloe and Dean go... somewhere else I suppose, but then Ryuu walks in. Twila tells her lies of Chloe and Dean being mruderers and convines her to help her fight them.
(Yes, I know this is very, VERY, bad, but this is the first time i've fdone one of these, plus, the story was hard for me to follow, so anyways... V1 end.)
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