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Story: 9/10

Grammar: 10/10

Originality: 8.5/10

Effort: 5/10

Character Sheet: 10/10

Review: The story is pretty well written, but of course, there were a few things left out. First of all, when you said winged creatures, I assumed angels, but then you mentioned animals. And then Dragons. so you maybe should have been more specific with what kinds of flying creatures came through the portal. Grammar was pretty mcuh perfect, so ten out of ten there. As for originality. There's been Maximum Ride and other books. As well, I've seen just stories people have written... But there were original things, such as the idea of a "portal", and also the thing about them being enslaved, and not just flying humans. Appearantly other creatures, too. There seemed to be some effort put in... Just the way the story was written caught my eye... But there could have been other things put in too. However, this doesn't make it bad. Character Sheet was really good, so ten out of ten there too! Honestly, I think that this RP will probably go a long way!

~Zyphon, the Flying Penguin.

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