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Roleplay Forever
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A group of teenagers are kidnapped and put into an RV. Earlier, they were bit by a bat, or a wolf. When they woke up, they were in the RV, which was parked in the mountains. They all exited the RV, and it dissapeared, abandoning them in the mountains. They all traveled and settled into a cave. Then, one of the teenagers heard a man talking to them. Their kidnapper.
He quickly dissapeared, leaving the children deserted, high up in a strange cave. Then, they started to transform. 2 of the teenagers were not suprised by this, since they already knew about this, and they have been werepyres for years, Their names are Brisk and Jarren. However, another teen had no idea this was going to happen. Her name was Caine.
Then, another child appeared, going by the name of Isaac. He joined the group. Brisk and Jarren taunted him about how he was just a pup. So Isaac left, to prove he was no pup. He bit a boy named Cody, who became a werewolf aswell. Isaac brought Cody back with him to the cave. Caine had healing powers, so she healed the boy. Brisk and Jarren were unhappy about the newcomer, and how much of an annoyance he was causing.
Cody ran away, back to his home. But Brisk and Jarren followed him, to get rid of the boy. They destroyed his house, and found Cody interrogating Isaac about why he made Cody a werewolf. Brisk shoved Isaac out of the way, and quickly slaughtered the new boy. Jarren and Brisk returned without Cody, but with Isaac and a new werewolf, named Virra. Neither Brisk nor Jarren were happy with the new arrival, since Brisk just killed their last one, but nonetheless allowed her.
Now, they are currently flying, in search of their new adventure.
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