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Main » 2012 » August » 21 » As Tom once said...
7:09 PM
As Tom once said...
"I'm back bitches."

Or if you want to go my style, as Flair, that pesky little dragon I'm sure most of you know, "My absence was all but an Illusion" Well, to put a long story short, yes I am back. Back as if I had come flying in on the Ironwings of a Dragon from a Nation on Fire. (Not really.)

A lot has happened while I was gone though: for one, I've improved quite a bite in roleplaying and writing in general, so that's some good stuff. Though, lately I have kept thinking back to this site, and that got me feeling a bit... Down. But not to worry, I have planned my return, for I do have what you might call an Undying Love for roleplay, (AKA, no life whatsoever.) and as such, will always remain Adamant to it. Besides, I have several Friends to Last on here. Oh, did I mention that I was planning my Return? Yes, that is true. How so? I have been planning to bring in several new things. Such as a roleplay I've been working on for several months: Preparing it's history, landscapes, creatures, everything. It'll be pretty... huge. Speaking of which, remember that A Shadow of Myself? That's 'evolved' (Oh hah hah) quite a bit since I had it on here, added background, history, side-stories, all that crap. Guess what? That's not what I meant by the huge roleplay. You'll just have to wait for that.

And the last thing I leave you all with since I can't think of anything else to put on here, you're all probably wondering why I've underlined and capitalized several words and phrases in this. Those are all a reference to an awesome orchestra called Two Steps From Hell. Look them up on youtube, I'm sure most of you will like them. Anyhow, the songs I referenced and in order from the first underlined word:

Dragon Rider
Fire Nation
Undying Love
Friendship to Last
And finally, A Hero's Return.

They're not all my favorites, but several goods ones indeed. (Hang on, ALL Two Steps from Hell songs are good to me.) Anyway, check those out, and TSFH in general.

That is all.
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9 Striker  
Welcome back, Mew.

10 Mew  

6 lukas2231  

Just tell me the truth, did that join.me livestream of mine influence you to get back at least a bit? :3

8 Mew  
Somewhat, but not entirely.

5 Kenzieroo  
I remember you but non of your old work. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I think most every active player on this site has improved, though you can't do anything but get better.

4 Demon  
THE OLD GANG IS BACK, BITCHES. It's been so long :D.

7 Mew  

1 Equinox  
I have also improved, creating three massive story-built roleplays and an 8 page story, which gives me access to another medium-length RP on a side story around it.

2 Mew  
I'm still working on the roleplay I mentioned, as it is. I doubt I'll have it up this week, MAYBE next week, but that's doubtful even.

3 Equinox  
We can wait.

11 Striker  
No, we actually can't. Post it now.

12 Mew  
Too bad for you then. :P

13 Striker  
I'm crushed.

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