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Main » 2012 » January » 22 » January Gathering Summary
9:30 PM
January Gathering Summary
Basically, we talked about suggestions. So, there's gonna be a 'Story' section where we can write our own mini 'books' and stuff, and update chapters, have our own characters, etc. You can add Fan fictions, fantasy, adventure, but nothing with TO much romance... You know what I mean. There are children here.
Also, we've made it so when a thread gets 5 likes on the very first comment, it becomes a sticky thread.
Then if it recieves 10 likes on the first comment, it becomes a featured thread.
Also, Zyphon is going to organize the Featured RP page.
Sorry if you couldnt go. But if you're marked down as 'Going' and you didnt go, you're going to need a GOOD excuse.
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7 lukas2231  
Now after the meeting has passed I have an offer >.<

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10 Demon  
PM me :3

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11 lukas2231  
I would but I forgot today >.< I will if I'll remember

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6 Striker  
I could swear we added a stories section months ago. Ah well.

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9 Demon  
Thats what I thought too XD

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5 Zombo104  
argh!! I forgot the gathering was yesterday!! It was my friends birthday :P

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8 Demon  
Ah, thats fine.

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2 lukas2231  
All I can say that the meeting was boring and I ignored most of your messages. Besides that I've listened to more than 20 house mix's.

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4 Demon  

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1 Kenzieroo  
I was there, but I wasn't paying attention(Lol).
The the books have to be mini?!?! surprised

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3 Demon  
Nope. Just nothing that would lag up the page. They can be regualur stories.

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