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Main » 2012 » May » 8 » Weekly Update: Is can has Content?
5:13 PM
Weekly Update: Is can has Content?
Hello! and yes, the weekly update actually did happen only a week(more or less) after the last one! not a month! amazing isn't it?
Anyways, the reason before that they weren't exactly weekly, was because I had no system to organize them, and nothing really to update on. So now, I have a new idea on how this should work:
I will split it into several Categories. I'll put in any content that i want, but people can also tell me some stuff they may want put in. But not constantly. So... Every other week?
Now, here are the categories I can think of off the top of my head:
RPs(New one's, or possibly a request for a summary or review)
Suggestions(Just to say that it exists, the whole thing won't be here)
Mega RPs(Just things about verious Mega RPs)
Polls(This will jsut be me doing the polls)
Stories(Same as RPs pretty much)
Reviews(Again, only for me)
Featured RPs/stories(~)
So anyways, if you can think of another one, then please put it in the comments, now for the update:
Polls: So, according to the polls, the most hated animal on the site are Penguins... And so in your next life, anyone who voted for that will be a fish who lives in Antarctica, so that penguins may eat you.
Mega-RPs: The Mega-RP version of Vampire Chronicles is done, and I've given anyone who I think would want to joni the password. If oyu want the password and haven't gotten it PM me.
Anyways, I think that's it. Until next time.
Zyphon, The Flying Penguin.
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Total comments: 9
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6 Striker  
Add Duck. Add him now.

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7 Demon  
What? Duck's back?!

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8 Striker  
No, I meant add him to the poll.

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9 Demon  

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3 Demon  
It's spelled poll, not pool. -.-

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4 Equinox  
No, the voting pool, the mass of votes. The poll is the question.

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5 Demon  
Well, now I feel stupid.

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2 Equinox  
we should probably reset the pool, and have it where we can't vote for ourselves, or we get disqualified.

Not really fair to vote for yourself, while someone else doesn't.

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1 lukas2231  
Not gonna vote in the current pool.

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