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Main » 2012 » October » 3 » Weekly update: Lacking lately
11:21 PM
Weekly update: Lacking lately
We've missed four or five weekly update, but considering not much has been going on it makes sense.

RP reviews: No new one since Maze Runner by Evie. I suggest there be one out for The Silver Eye, it's really good. Created by RedToms one of are newer but active members.
Also JigaJig's RP Deaths Academy

Polls: I don't know if the current poll is going to change anytime soon. It's been the same thing for a few weeks. I'm sure everyone that can vote has, so I'm going to say for, Would you Prefer more RPs, or Better RPs? 1) An Equal Amount Won, 8 out of 16.

Contests: There was no September contest, only the idea from last years contest. So we need a contest idea for October!

New people: The last person to sign up was GYPSY1EATING1FUCK, which I'm positive was a spam character and even if its not they haven't posted once...
Just a heads up I invited one of my friends, (I swear to god the thing that happened last time will never happen again), and she's not new to RP so making it can shake the site up a like bit. Wake us up!

I know school started for most of us not to long ago, which is what been slowing things down (For me at lest) but its been a month and I think that we can really get back into things again. I'm in the middle of making a really amazing RP and I urge you all to try to make one too!

Oh and one quick side note, I've been on a lot lately and noticed a random guest always being on Graveyard. I don't know, I just think it's really weird that someone is always there for so long all the time. If anyone knows who that is I'd like to know I'm curious. If not whatev's

Have a wonderful week.
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Total comments: 17
17 Jigajig  

16 Jigajig  
Not Murk :O

14 Equinox  
If you dont start posting again in some form zyphon, I'm going to murk you.

15 Kenzieroo  

12 RedToms  
you can do a review for the silver eye?

13 Zyphon  
Yes, I will do a review(s) for a three listed there.

10 Mew  
I think you'll be glad to hear that I'm putting the final touches on that one RP which I mentioned a while ago.

11 Kenzieroo  
Shoofly! Can't wait to see it.

8 Jigajig  
JigaJug? .-.

9 Kenzieroo  

6 Madii  
What happen with the last firend kenzie??

7 Kenzieroo  
I'm not going to go into that.

2 Jigajig  
Can I have a RP review for my RP?

4 Kenzieroo  
I'm not in control of that, but I'm sure you can get it done.

5 Zyphon  
Yes, you can!
(By eventually, I mean probably tommorow.)
(Or the day after that.)

1 Zyphon  
Eh... The new person that joined was actually some that Irulez and I know... We made the mistake of sending him the url. Well, I say "we" I really mean Irulez.
And the poll will change later today, but at the moment it's 6 in the morning where I am so... Yeah.

3 Kenzieroo  

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