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Main » 2012 » October » 16 » Weekly Update: Slow Going...
11:30 PM
Weekly Update: Slow Going...
Since no one else seems to want to write these I will. It's fun!

Polls: I'm not sure if we want to keep the current poll up a bit longer or not. For know it seems that What is your Favorite Movie Genre? 4) Non-Fiction(Documentary, True Story, etc.) is winning 6/14 votes.

Contest: Still no contest for this month... It's not to late to add a contest! Come on get into the Halloween Sprit.

New People: MattiasRyder joined on 10/11, only has one post. Not sure if they're busy or just don't really know where to start.

New Role-plays: Looks like Jigajig started one, with little luck. If I missed anyone else's, sorry.

Broken Promises: No one made a review for The Silver Eye or Deaths Academy. >.>

Suggestions!: We need to either put more effort into our current RPs or we need to come up with new RPs that people want to put effort into. I really don't want to get into the argument that happened earlier, but I think if people put more effort in the RPs won't die as fast. We could possible invite more good RPers... Just an idea.
I would also love to see what you guys think. We need to work on this together to get it fixed.

Other: The meeting this month is coming up... I believe thats it.
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20 Zyphon  
Right, I'm going to o everything on Saturday. Happy?

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21 Jigajig  

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18 Jigajig  
._. I just copied and pasted it. I know how to spell it. And don't stare at me.. evil

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19 MattiasRyder  
Ohhhh, I see.. Too lazy to write it :P

And I'll do as I please :P

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16 Jigajig  
Lol sorry about that :P

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17 MattiasRyder  
It's fine, just don't do it again *threatening stare* :P

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12 MattiasRyder  
Also (just realized this), it's MattiasRyder, not MattiasRydner

0 Spam
13 Kenzieroo  

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14 MattiasRyder  
Ok. It wasn't really a big deal, I just wanted to make sure people weren't going to keep spelling it wrong because even Jigajig spelt it that way (and he should know my username by now)

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15 Kenzieroo  

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11 MattiasRyder  
Yes, Jigajig got me here, and I am a new member. I have no idea where to start though, which is why I only have one post. I would like (I heard Jigajig started a new one, haven't checked it yet, though) to join a newer RP instead of joining one that is already farther along into the story. So yeah, I'll be checking the roleplaying threads. Happy to be here, and I hope to start roleplaying soon.

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10 Jigajig  
OH right I see. And what does Jigajig started one, with little luck mean??

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8 Jigajig  
Why won't there be a review?

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9 Kenzieroo  
Typo, it's fixed.

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4 Zyphon  
............Well now I feel like a terrible person...

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5 Kenzieroo  
Don't feel bad, this is more of a reminder than anything.

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3 Jigajig  
Also I got MattiasRydner here :3

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6 Kenzieroo  

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2 Jigajig  

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