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Main » 2012 » April » 28 » Weekly Update: Yes, they are indeed back.
9:57 AM
Weekly Update: Yes, they are indeed back.
Hello there! The weekly update is finally here! Hurray! Yay! Shaboozey! Joy!
Anyways, the first thing is with the Weekly Updates themselves, now instead of numbering them, I will give them a name. True, this will make it more difficult to find if you want to sort through them first to last or vice versa... But then again, I can't really see anybody doing that for any reason.
Next thing up, polls. I actually forgot the results of last "weeks" poll, and I can't be bothered to look for them. Even though it's insanely easy to do so. anyways, new poll as always, this time, Animal Hatred. Have fun with that.
And now, new RP reviews. There are two new one's. A review of "※"Once Apon A Diamond”※" and "-~Livlions Secret~-". I highly suggest you look at both.
And last but definatly not least, I'm sure some of you will remember one of the first few RPs to have ever been made on RPF. This RP lasted for quite a while, and went by the name "/~☼~\Vampire Chronicles/~☼~\". I'm sure some of you can already tell I made it, even if you aren't familar with the RP, you probably are familar with the /~☼~\ thing.
Anyways, supernerd requested that I start the RP up again, but it was long dead... However, I was not quite ready to abandon the story. If you look at Mega RPs, you will find Vampire Chronicles right there, completely redone. Unfortunalty not in 3D*cough*lamejoke*cough*.
Anyways, it would be cool if someof you joined that. Any admin will be able to, but if you are not an admin, then simply PM me and I will give you the password... Maybe. It depends.
And one last bit of news, I would appreciate it if you would go and follow the link to my new site in the blog section.
And with that, I bid you good day.
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin
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16 Spark  
One time i picked up a chicken, and i made it mah prechusus. I hissed at any bastard who tried to steal it. ;3 CHIKIES SHALL RULE DA WORLD!!! I SHALL RULE ALONGSIDE AND TAKE OVAH MOTHER RISSIA!! MAMAGHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHHHH

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17 Equinox  


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4 lukas2231  
Hate cows, they're too boring. Except in Minecraft.

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5 Demon  
Lol that sounds weird.

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12 lukas2231  
I'mma kill them.

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9 Zyphon  

Why cows are not boring in minecraft.

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11 lukas2231  
Cause they give meat which I always lack of.

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3 Equinox  
Fuck penguins.

They grow tuxedos.

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6 Demon  
They have to pay nothing. They get it for free.

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7 Equinox  
Once I eliminate zyphon, they will have one less whore to reproduce off of.

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8 Demon  

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10 Zyphon  
Umm... What?

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13 Equinox  
I know what you do for those penguins to live, and I don't like it.

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14 Zyphon  
...I'm just going to walk away form this conversation now and pretend it never happened, okay?

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15 Equinox  
You can't hide from the truth.

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1 Demon  
Fuck spiders. The creepy little beasts.

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2 Zyphon  
I could not agree more.

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