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Main » 2012 » June » 2 » Weekly Update:Suggestions, and how they get ignored. >->
7:18 AM
Weekly Update:Suggestions, and how they get ignored. >->
Hello, once again I shal intrude on this wonderful home page to give you news about the site! Yay!
General Updates: Well, first off, still nothing much getting done about advertising RPs, the reason why? We've got nowehere to advertise. So if you know a site that had expirienced roleplayers that we could post an Advertising RP on, then please PM Me or Irulez.
RPs: Well, we've actualy got news for this section for once. First off, there are two new RPs in the Horror section if you feel like wetting yourself. Also, a very old RP in the game-themed section has been revived. Huzzah! 

Suggestions: Things to say here too. It would appear as if some of the suggestions I made in the suggestion section are being ignored... So if you want to go over there, then please do. 

Mega RPs:Not much here, just saying that soon you may expect a new Mega-RP(And one made fairly recently to be deleted).

Polls: According to the polls, Google Chrome is the overall favorite browser on the site... But I still say IE is better. :3 

Stories:News here too! Lots of news this week I guess. Anyways, several of Equinoxs' RPs he is now redoing as stories in the Fantasy section(?). So go loo kat that if you want. 

Summaries: Not mcuh here, just pointing out that there's a summary for Super Humans up to page 70 now. 

Featured RPs/stories: There's stuff here too! Well... not really, just saying that in suggestions I'm talknig about re-doing the like system so it's easier to understand.
Anyways, I guesss that's it for now, now I will go back to being amazing, along with Penguins. Good bye!
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin 
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4 Wolf  

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2 lukas2231  
...House is teh best.

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1 Equinox  
No, I'm not remaking all my dead RPs into stories, i just turned my two recent ones into stories, because they were never given a real chance to expand.

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3 Zyphon  
I never said all. I said several, which is anything about 1. :/

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