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Okay guys! So tommorow, Saturday, May 19th, will be the next gathering! I realize I skipped the April Gathering xD
Here's the times!
Eastern: 8:30 pm
Central: 7:30 pm
Pacific: 6:30 pm
Views: 382 | Added by: Demon | Date: 2012-05-18 | Comments (14)

Hello there, as oyu can see I've added a new section, and removed a few. Though not removed, but there just wasn't any news...
General Updates: Right, so just in general... It seems the chat is broken, or at least for me anyways. Also, no date planned for the May Gathering so...
Polls: Right, the favorite number overall on the site is... Blue... not exactly a number but... sure, I guess that's a valid answer.
Reviews: Haven't had a new review in a while, but I did a review of Spark's "Whiskers", so go look at that if you want. 

Conest:No news about an ongoing contest or a finished on... more the lack of any contest at all. Yeah, no May contest I guess...
Anyways, again not much news.... So... Yeah... Bye!
~Zyphon, The Flying Penguin.
Views: 356 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-05-18 | Comments (3)

Right, so i'm going to be doing the orginazing thing now, so let's see how it works out...
RPs: No one has sent me any news on new RPs. Sooo... Yeah. 

Suggestions: Empty. not really any surprise there.
Mega RPs: Nope. Not even Chuck Testa.

Polls: Ah, here we go! Some actually news! anyways, according to the poll, the funniest person on the site is... *activatedrumroll*Demon! Congratulations and all that good stuff... anyways, moving on. 

Stories: No new news here, keep looking.

Reviews: Brak.

Summaries: Brak.... Ponownie.

Featured RPs/stories: Still none.
Conest: Yes! News! Anyways, this is about the April Contest being over. Only two people joined, and as far as I can tell, only one was a hybrid RP or story as required, so congratulations Spark! You've won the contest! I'll give you an award and what not as soon as the new poll is put up. ... Read more »
Views: 373 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-05-12 | Comments (7)

Hello! and yes, the weekly update actually did happen only a week(more or less) after the last one! not a month! amazing isn't it?
Anyways, the reason before that they weren't exactly weekly, was because I had no system to organize them, and nothing really to update on. So now, I have a new idea on how this should work:
I will split it into several Categories. I'll put in any content that i want, but people can also tell me some stuff they may want put in. But not constantly. So... Every other week?
Now, here are the categories I can think of off the top of my head:
RPs(New one's, or possibly a request for a summary or review)
Suggestions(Just to say that it exists, the whole thing won't be here)
Mega RPs(Just things about verious Mega RPs)
Polls(This will jsut be me doing the poll ... Read more »
Views: 330 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-05-07 | Comments (9)

Hello there! The weekly update is finally here! Hurray! Yay! Shaboozey! Joy!
Anyways, the first thing is with the Weekly Updates themselves, now instead of numbering them, I will give them a name. True, this will make it more difficult to find if you want to sort through them first to last or vice versa... But then again, I can't really see anybody doing that for any reason.
Next thing up, polls. I actually forgot the results of last "weeks" poll, and I can't be bothered to look for them. Even though it's insanely easy to do so. anyways, new poll as always, this time, Animal Hatred. Have fun with that.
And now, new RP reviews. There are two new one's. A review of "※"Once Apon A Diamond”※" and "-~Livlions Secret~-". I highly suggest you look at both.
And last but definatly not least, I'm sure some of you will remember one of the first few RPs to have ever been made on ... Read more »
Views: 412 | Added by: Zyphon | Date: 2012-04-28 | Comments (17)

I wont be on from anywhere from a day or two, to two months. All I can say is, shit hit the fan.
Views: 445 | Added by: Equinox | Date: 2012-04-20 | Comments (7)

Happy Easter guys! Just wanted to say it xD
Happy Easter!
Views: 449 | Added by: Demon | Date: 2012-04-08 | Comments (11)

Hey guys, I have some bad news.... I'll be leaving the site ;(  Not temporarilly, permanently. I kinda have afew problems with the site, and I guess I just need to leave it.
It's been taking up my time, and I've sometimes forgotten to do any of my school work, and thats not good, you know? So I'll leave Equinox in charge.
Sorry for leaving without much of a warning, and for leaving so suddenly, but... Ya. I need my time back.
Besides, it's getting to summertime.
Sorry for leaving, guys. You'll probablly all miss me, right? ):
P.S: Happy April Fools day.
(I bet none of you fell for that, but whatever. I wanted to do SOMETHING.)
Views: 338 | Added by: Demon | Date: 2012-04-01 | Comments (14)

Heads up, I'll be gone all week, I assume I'm not the only one. Please don't go to far in the RPs I'm in, and Have a great break!
Views: 333 | Added by: Kenzieroo | Date: 2012-03-31 | Comments (4)

Who has or is going to see the Hunger Games?
I get bragging rights, because I read the books before they where popular! smile

For people who are questions on weather or not to go, I'll say unlike most movies that are based on books, this movie is good. Although they did miss a few things, that is to expected.
Views: 338 | Added by: Kenzieroo | Date: 2012-03-25 | Comments (22)

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